Designed and produced in accordance with Directive 93/42/ EEC, the range of Universal Surgical Drapes and Sets Sterikit® adapts to use in different types of surgical procedures providing an effective barrier on the prevention and/or control of infectious agents transmission.

With varying levels of performance in accordance with EN 13795, universal surgical drapes and sets Sterikit® respond to all levels of requirement with the maximum comfort and safety for the patient and medical team.

The use of user-friendly symbols and thought folds to ensure a perfect aseptic technique allows quick and safe application, freeing up more time for patient care.
The packaging system of Surgical Gowns Steribata® allows full traceability in case of need tracking or collection.

Designed in different types and combinations of materials, Universal Surgical Drapes and Sets Sterikit®  are identified by a custom graphic system.

This same system, prepared in a simple manner, and which allows the user to have a clearer view on the various possibilities of construction of the elements shown in the catalog, can be seen in the image below:

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