Designed and produced in accordance with Directive 93/42/ EEC, the range of surgical gowns Steribata® adapts to use in different types of surgical procedures providing an effective
barrier on the prevention and/or control of infectious agents transmission.

With varying levels of performance in accordance with EN 13795, surgical gowns Steribata® respond to all levels of requirement with the maximum comfort and safety for the patient and medical team.

The packaging system of Surgical Gowns Steribata® allows full traceability in case of need tracking or collection.

Developed with the latest technologies, our gowns Steribata® are designed in various materials (SMS and Spunlace), as well with distinct weights (35 g, 68 g), blue or green, allowing us to meet your needs and above all, to full compliance with the standards with whose they are allocated.

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