The Custom Procedure Trays Sterikit® (CPT’S) allow the organization in one package of the single-use medical devices required for a given specific procedure.


With the use of CPT the user can benefit from:

  • Reduction of surgery setup times
  • Reduction of waste caused by picking errors
  • Reduction of risk of infection – less packaging, less risk of error in aseptic procedures

Also the management is benefited with the use of CPT`s:

  • Reduction of costs of material management
  • Less number of purchase orders
  • Greater ease in controlling costs by intervention
  • Reduction of the packaging cost destruction

And all benefit with the lowest environmental impact from the drastic reduction in the number of packages per procedure and consequent reduction of waste.


The components to include are determined by the client, depending on the conditions of certification and compatibility of the sterilization process.

The possibility to choose from a wide range of components from different market leaders allows the user to adjust the product to his exact needs:

  • surgical drapes (simple, with aperture, self-adhesive, etc.)
  • surgical gowns (standard, reinforced, TUR, etc.)
  • equipment covers (Mayo, intensifier, chair, camera cover, screen, etc.)
  • swabs (gauze, non woven, etc.)
  • needles (arterial, catheter, punction, spinal, hydrodissection, hypodermic, etc.)
  • syringes (luer lock, luer slip, etc.)
  • bowls of various capacities
  • suction cannulas  (aspiration, anesthesia, hydro dissector core, intravenous, etc.)
  • scalpels (disposable, ophthalmic, etc.)
  • scalpels blades (Nº 10, 11, 15, 20, etc)
  • extention lines (high pressure, arterial, etc.)
  • guidewires  (j-tip 150 cm, 260 cm, etc.)
  • connectors (Y, straight)
  • …….

The Custom Procedure Trays Sterikit® allow:

  • possibility to choose the order of the components, thus not interfering with the established routine
  • responds to the specific needs of a surgical procedure
  • the content may be modified as the procedure and surgical techniques evolve

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