Established since 1986, Fapomed is a European manufacturer of single use medical devices, specialized in production of Surgical gowns, Surgical drapes, Custom Procedure Trays (CPT’S) and EPI`s – suits and protective accessories.

With two plants in Portugal and one in Ukraine, the company currently has a 16,000 sqm of production area, of which 4,000 sqm are controlled atmosphere and 800 sqm cleanroom. Portugal  units are dedicated to the manufacture of surgical drapes, CPT`s and IPE`s, and the unity of Ukraine is dedicated exclusively to the production of surgical gowns.

Research and Development (R & D) of new technologies and production processes have contributed to the sustained growth of the company. Sign of the importance of R & D are the protocols and partnerships between Fapomed and research centers such as the University of Minho, University of Beira Interior and various national and international institutes. This effort has led to the development of innovative machinery, created and manufactured in Portugal, resulting for example in a patented design for ultrasonic unions.

As a result of recognition at national and international level of competence and high qualification of its staff, technicians of Fapomed have been integrating for several years the Portuguese Working Group  with the European Committee CEN / TC 2005 WG 14 in charge of the development of standards for medical devices  class 1 in Europe.

Our technicians are highly specialized, able to respond quickly and assertive to the particular needs of our customers. Send us your drawings, choose the raw material and leave us the realization of your projects.

With our suppliers spread all over the world, we maintain a relationship of trust and partnership that allows us to be aware of all market innovations as well with a stable and competitive supply.

In Fapomed we put at the disposal of our customers a wide range of raw materials, which related to its productive capacity and speed of execution, makes it an industrial and production reference in Europe.


Surgical Gowns

Our OEM customers are able to choose from our models of gowns, already tried and tested by the market, or send us their own designs or ideas. Our Design & Development department will give a quick response, according to the required specifications . Our gowns can be produced and provided sterile or non-sterile.
The sterilization method used is Ethylene Oxide.
We produce gowns you need, accordingly with the performance required and the type of surgical procedure:

Small Surgery Gown
Standard Gown
Reinforced Gown
Urology (TUR) Gown
Gown with mask and fingerloop

Drapes and Surgical Sets

Fapomed offers productive and technological capacity to develop according to the specifications of its customers a full range of surgical drapes and sets, as well as equipment covers and complementary products in nonwoven  material and PE, covering all surgical coverage needed to different surgical specialties.

Our customers can also choose  from our standard products, which already have quality and functionality assurance certified by market .

Surgical drapes and Sets can be produced and supplied sterile or non-sterile

Sterilization method used is Ethylene Oxide.

CPT`s – Custom procedure Trays

Custom procedure Trays (CPT’S) allow the organization in a single package, of single-use surgical components necessary for a certain specific procedure.

Components to be included in them are determined by the customer, depending on the certification conditions and compatibility of the sterilization process.

The ability to choose from a wide range of components from various leading suppliers allows us to adjust the product to our customers’ needs:

  • surgical drapes (simple, reinforced, self-adhesive, aperture…)
  • surgical gowns (small surgery, standard, reinforced, urology…)
  • equipment copvers (chair, screen, instrument table, intensifier…)
  • swabs (with and without/Xray, gauze, nonwoven…)
  • needles (intramuscular, intravenous, arterial…)
  • syringes (luer, luer slip, luer lock…)
  • cups and bowls (diferent capacities…)
  • canulas (diferent gauges…)
  • scalpels (ophthalmic, angled, nº 10, 15, 20…)
  • scalpel blades (disposable nº 10, 15, 20…)
  • extension lines (high pressure, male-male, male-female…)
  • guidewire (j tip…)
  • conectors (Y, straight…)
  • …….

Custom Procedure Trays allow:

  • set the order of the components, thus not interfering with the user-established routine
  • a response to the specific needs of each surgical procedure resulting from the wide range of components

Custom Procedure Trays (CPT`s) can be manufactured and supplied sterile or non-sterile.

Sterilization method is Ethylene Oxide.


Small Kits

Available in various configurations to meet the diverse needs, Small Kits made in Fapomed combine safety, quality and ease of use. Choose from our standard configurations or do it yourself according to your customers’ needs.