Fapomed at MEDICA 2021 – Düsseldorf

FAPOMED – Dispositivos Médicos, SA is pleased to invite all stakeholders and other interested parties to visit us at this year’s MEDICA – Leading International Trade Fair at our new stand and location: Hall 6 / A44.

Two years later since the last in-person edition, we will be again side by side, because that’s the only way we know how to be, in Proximity and in the Right Place when life is at risk.

See you on the 15th November!


Fapomed: Targi Medica 2019 zakończone sukcesem

W listopadzie Fapomed był obecny na największych targach medycznych na świecie w Düsseldorfie w Niemczech: MEDICA 2019.

W imieniu całego zespołu Fapomed dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy bezpośrednio lub pośrednio sprawili, że te 4 dni były ogromnym sukcesem. Zostaliśmy docenieni przez klientów, dostawców i licznie odwiedzającego nas personelu medycznego – społeczności, która po raz kolejny doceniła Fapomed za bycie we właściwym miejscu.

Dziękuję wszystkim i czekamy na ponowne spotkanie w 2020 roku!


Fapomed będzie obecny na nadchodzących targach MEDICA 2019

Fapomed będzie obecny na nadchodzących targach MEDICA 2019 w Düsseldorfie, w Niemczech, w dniach 18-21 listopada.

Na tych jednych z największych targów medycznych na świecie, na których obecne są największe i najlepsze firmy medyczne, nie mogło zabraknąć również Fapomedu. Firma zaprezentuje swoją ofertę pokazujac raz jeszcze, że zawsze znajduje się we właściwym miejscu, gdy życie jest zagrożone.


Certificate for Conformity Ukraine

Being fully operational since the year 2009, company Fapomed Ukraine has seen its area of intervention, in what Medical Devices of single use concerns, increase and become even more important.

This growth has been recognized not only within the company structure but also by the Ukrainian organizations themselves, be they local or national.

This time, we are pleased to announce the most recent achievement of Fapomed Ukraine, having this obtained a Certificate for Conformity for a greater range of products manufactured internally.

We point that this certificate was issued by the Authorized Body of Ukraine, and is valid for the next 5 years.

To the whole team Fapomed Ukraine and to all involved in this process: Congratulations!







Fapomed wzmacnia inicjatywę „Compromisso Pagamento Pontual”

In a period of difficult times, Fapomed honors their commitments and strengthens their civic and social responsibility.

Fapomed is one of the most recent companies allied with the “Compromisso Pagamento Pontual”, an initiative that belongs to the program “AconteSer”, led by ACEGE, in partnership with the CIP, IAPMEI, APIFARMA and more recently with CGD.

With the main objective of “help combat the lack of competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises, through the sharing of best practices that enhance corporate action”, Fapomed considers that the payment to the suppliers within the agreed time, is a topic that must be taken very seriously, doing all to not be included in one of the main causes of the “strangulation of enterprise development and, consequently, in the growth of the Portuguese economy”.

Reviewing up in ideals such as quality, responsibility, safety, ethics and commitment, the company does not “runs off” from what considers as the major driver of development and sustainable growth, both personal as well as of the country, choosing then the “high level of requirement” as one of its cornerstones, by which can’t, and will not distance itself.

Respecting equally the Directive 2011/7/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011, which establishes measures to combat late payment in commercial transactions, Fapomed puts itself at the forefront of the fight against stagnation development and growth of the Portuguese economy, in the front line in the recovery and job creation, as well in the maintenance of the business environment, and in the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

For more information about the Program click here, and for more information about the Directive click here.


Fapomed. Bardzo „zdrowy” biznes

This is the most recent title of an interview given by Fapomed chief executive officer, Miguel Lopes da Cunha to Dinheiro Vivo.

In interview to the suplement, the president of Fapomed, Miguel Lopes da Cunha, starts to contextualize the evolution and growth that the company had, evolving from a traditional textile company, to a surgical gown manufacturer, this in the mid 80’s.

Explaining the “revolutionary” concept wich was the use of non woven fabrics (TNT) “as being the best surgical protection…” the interview continues with the geographic and economis contextualization of the company.

Exporting 80% of its turnover, with factories in Portugal and Ukraine, and laboring exclusively in the area of health, Fapomed is present in 3 main markets: besides the Iberian market, the company works on central Europe and also on the British market.
It have in France and mainly in Germany its own “central market”, supporting this one a weight of 40% of sales”, being followed by Portugal and Spain. Besides this nations, the CEO equally considers important another group of countries, such as “North Africa, neighbouring countries of europe, and also Chile and Republic of Macedonia”.

Holder of own brands, representing “15% of sales – usually outside Europe”, in order to “not compete with our distributors”, Fapomed, through its president, further mentions that they have a intermediate group of surgical kits manufacturers for whom they develop “speciality products”.

When the subject is the future, but always with an eye in the present, Miguel Lopes Da Cunha points out an objective “reach a turnover of 19 million euros for 2020”, remembering in any case that this year Fapomed presents “an interesting growth in the home of double digits. “

Ends his interview making an allusion to the partnership of 30 years with “Caixa geral de Depósitos”, referring it as “if not the first, one of the first financial partners who worked with us,” and with whom still holds today a “close” relationship.



Fapomed otwiera zakład produkcyjny na Ukrainie

Opens tomorrow in Rivne, the latest Fapomed unit of surgical gowns. This company from Felgueiras invests seven million euros to combat Chinese competition.

Fapomed, a medical device company from Felgueiras, has selected Ukraine by cost factors and geographical advantages. In 2011, the facility will have 400 jobs, invoicing 10 million. In the initial phase will employ 65 workers.

The operation in Ukraine is a response to the Chinese threat and was being prepared for three years, in the aftermath of the competitive start, after the opening of European markets to Asian products. A contract with a multinational pharmaceutical company to supply a considerable amount of surgical gowns was the push that was needed to advance the project. The unit (5000 sqm of covered area) cost 7 million euros.

Diversifying product offering.

In Portugal, Fapomed evolved from gowns to surgical sets to survive and remain competitive. Through new technologies and new products, Fapomed also evolved into an integrated supply kits , backpacks and variable composition sets manufacturer, in order to meet the exact needs of surgical teams of different specialties.

Three years ago, Fapomed adopted a new business paradigm, abandoning the surgical gowns as sales engine, this at a time when multinational companies had diverted their orders to China. “The quality was acceptable and prices unbeatable”; recalls Miguel Lopes da Cunha, president of the company.

However, the manager found that Asian manufacturers were suffering not only from logistics gap but also from responsiveness. There were margin to win the multinationals on the run, combining credibility and fast deliveries, with an approximate price to the Chinese industry. It was the combination of these factors that led the company to Rivne, an average city of Ukraine in the road axis linking the capital Kiev to the border with Poland.

In Portugal, Fapomed employs 190 people in two units and will end 2009 with sales of 7.8 million, a growth of 12%.