Felgueiras unit, at Portugal, where are company headquarters, is the founder unit at Fapomed universe.

Today, after a structural and productive requalification that high normative, quality and safety values demand , it is also the place where is Bio & Physics Lab Lab®, on which you can find more information here.


Baião unit, at Portugal, aims equally to the production of  Fapomed portfolio range.

With storage function aggregate to production, is completely in accordance with the normative standards and required safety without contaminants, effluent or fumes that cast doubt on the environment.


Operating since January 2010, in Goscha (Rivne), Fapomed Ukraine is the latest production unit of Fapomed universe.

Located in Eastern Europe, provides greater geographical coverage in Europe, thus enabling optimization of the logistics chain.

The proximity to strategic partners for faster delivery of medical devices becomes mandatory in a sector where health can not wait.